The Bradley Method®

The Bradley Method is a comprehensive 10-week childbirth education series for families seeking a medication-free, partner coached birth experience.  

The Bradley Method® is a 10 week natural childbirth education course that focuses on:


  • how the body works during labor
  • partners as labor coaches
  • prenatal nutrition and exercises
  • how to work with your body in labor and birth to reduce sensations of discomfort
  • relaxation during labor
  • birth plans
  • breastfeeding

Classes are taught by Mimi and her husband, Mike.  As a couple who personally benefitted from Bradley Method birth classes, Mimi and Mike are grateful for the opportunity to share tools to have an informed, prepared, and bonding birth experience with their community. 

Classes are currently offered Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm and on Saturday mornings from 10am-noon.  

Couples are encouraged to begin classes between 15 and 25 weeks gestation. 

Class cost is $300 per couple per 10 week series and includes all materials and personal support through your birth.   Many local birth centers and home birth practices will reimburse a portion of the class fee for couples in their practice!

For more information and to register for class, please contact Mimi @ 772.485.4357 or email