Client Stories

Betsy F.


Mimi Fry was our son’s speech and feeding therapist from August 2015 through May 2016. Our son, Jack, was born extremely premature at 26 weeks and has many speech and occupational delays as a result. He was isolated the first two winters following his birth, thus, tends to be extremely introverted. Jack started his therapy at the age of 2 with Mimi and developed a deep fondness of her at the first appointment.

Throughout the therapies, Mimi continuously assessed Jack’s needs, our wishes for him and set new goals to ensure continued growth. Mimi was wonderful with explaining technical terms and therapies to us at a level we could understand and implement with Jack at home.  Jack looked forward to his visits with Mimi and was very engaged in all of his sessions with her. It is hard to quantify the amount he grew in the months he was provided therapy by her as his growth was realized on many levels and in different ways. Jack started with a very limited vocabulary of just a few words and eating only pureed foods. He has blown us away with his progress during his therapies with Mimi.

Mimi understands and relates to children in a very instinctive way and promotes an enjoyable, relaxed environment in which the child can thrive. She has knowledge of many techniques that may work for children of different circumstances and therefore, I recommend her for these services with the utmost respect.

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