Client Stories

Linsey B.


Why I called a lactation consultant

With my first child, I struggled with breastfeeding. Growing up I never knew anyone that had breastfed and to be honest I couldn’t quite understand how women felt comfortable enough to do it in public. With all of the changes and sleepless nights that come with having a new baby when the first sign of struggle came I gave up trying to breastfeed.

Three years later came my second and a whole new attitude. I now was educated in the benefits of breastfeeding and knew many self assured strong women that breastfeed giving me the courage to try again.

Following the birth of my second, I struggled with painful latch, latching in general, and the hospital telling me the baby had tongue tie. But I was determined to give it a solid try this time around. Feeling overwhelmed and a little defeated, with the hospitals diagnosis, I contacted LEIF Therapies. 

What I got from my visit with LEIF

Throughout the continuous learning process never did I feel like I would be a failure if I couldn’t breastfeed. Mimi, drilled into my sleepy head that “feeding is an act of love, no matter how you do it” and gave me the positive reinforcement to continue on my journey. This alone made me feel more self assured and badass,  breastfeeding my daughter anywhere and everywhere. I was able to breastfeed my daughter without her needing a tongue tie revision.  

Where my breastfeeding journey led us

With the individual guidance and support I was successful in feeding my daughter exclusively breastmilk; via pumping, breastfeeding shields, and ultimately mastering the latch for her entire first year. This didn’t come without challenges, but with each new obstacle I felt that I was understood, encouraged, and supported. 

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