Client Stories

Marsi W.

Why I called a lactation consultant
I originally called a lactation consultant when my son was 2months old because we had just had our 2 month well visit and i heard the words “slow gain”, “supplement”, “weight checks”.  As a 2nd time breastfeeding Mom I knew my son was transferring.  I knew he was having wet and dirty diapers. I knew he was content.  But I also knew he had just had a tongue and lip tie revised and that can often cause supply issues.  So I called Mimi, in hopes to return to my pediatricians office armed with information and facts on my little mans ability to nurse and nurse properly.  I also was returning to work in a few short weeks so i wanted to make sure I was set up for success unlike with my first where i ended up having to supplement at 6 months because I just couldn’t keep up.  
What I got from my visit with LEIF
My interactions with Mimi were so relaxed, natural and calming.  She came into my home with such a peace about her.  You could tell from first interaction she wasn’t just here to latch him on and leave, but wanted to really get to know you and your baby and how you worked together.  She very much understood that every nursing relationship, even with the same mother, is very different and you have to adjust accordingly.  She gave me, again even as a 2nd time nursing mom, such confidence and facts to back up what we were doing.  She handled my son with such care and love.  She did a weighted feed with me which was huge because i was able to return to his pediatricians office armed with knowledge!  She also sent the report ahead of our visit which got the attention of my pediatrician because it was so well put together and informative.  Needless to say, I never heard the term “supplement” again, even though my son remains on the lowest end of the charts.  
Where my breastfeeding journey led us
My son is now 11 months old and we are still breastfeeding!  We exclusively breastfed for 10 months and 3 1/2 weeks!  We have slowly started to introduce formula after he spent a week in the ICU after having major lung surgery.  My supply took a bit of a hit and while it recovers we needed to keep his weight up so we made the decision to supplement.  Which he isn’t the biggest fan of, but he is getting the hang of it.  He started solids just shy of his 6month birthday and is a food LOVER!  He eats more than his 4 year old brother!  This breastfeeding relationship has truly been a joy.  With my first I stressed over every little thing, clocked feedings, monitored which boob i used last.  With my 2nd I just felt more empowered from the beginning.  I knew my body could do this and i just had to trust myself and my son to do what we had to do.  I am so proud of my little man and everything he has had to overcome in the past 11months.  Nursing really helped both of us cope through some really challenging medical hurdles and I don’t know emotionally if we would have made it through it without that bond. 

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